Monday 7 August 2023

意志 (Ishiryoku) - Willpower

意志 (Ishiryoku) or 'WLLPOWER' is obviously an essential ingredient in the practice and training of any discipline: especially if one is aiming to maximize their human potential.

Learning, refining, practicing and training over-lap, and quality in all these domains is very important; nonetheless, embracing all of these is ISHIRYOKU.

It is "...the ability to CONTROL YOURSELF and GET THINGS DONE!"

In karate, this is first and fore-most the will power to go to the dojo and train. Secondly, to keep going when times are tough: when we feel we are 'not improving' or regressing. Thirdly, to overcome politics and negativities, which is too prevalent in Shotokan. And fourthly, in when dealing with a violent assault, in a self-defense situation, the will power to overcome the attacker, irrespective of what they do to us: TO NEVER GIVE UP.

Considering these points, and indeed others 意志 (Ishiryoku) is an imperative quality for all Budo Karateka. That being said, it must be grown, step-by-step through consistent and conscientious training.

  © André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2023).

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