Wednesday 4 October 2023

Andre Bertel 2023 Sindelfingen Seminar - Part 4 (YOUTUBE VIDEO FOUR): BONUS FOOTAGE

 This is the fourth and final official video from my seminar in Sindelfingen, Germany (September, 2023).

The video here is BONUS footage from Fabio and Alexia (France) and Knut (Germany), which they kindly provided. While the majority of the content overlaps with the previous videos, it provides some different perspectives. We are sharing this in hope that it further reinforces the learning over both days for those who trained.

The cover photo of me, with my late teacher, Asai Tetsuhiko Shihan, is reflective of my teaching objectives from now: TO SHARE AS MUCH KNOWLEDGE, WHICH I WAS TAUGHT, FROM NOW! 2024 and beyond will really focus on this.
I offer my deepest respect to all who trained over these two days in Sindelfingen. Precisely based on my previous statement: "future seminars will greatly expand on all of my seminars up until now. In sum, GREAT THINGS TO COME!!!

Osu and positive energy from Japan.
OSU, André

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2023).

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