Saturday 21 October 2023

松濤 (“Shoto”)

Funakoshi Gichin Sensei’s nephew, Giso, recalled a conversation with his uncle from 1942 during which he explained the reason for choosing the nom de plume of “Shoto” on reaching maturity. He explained that during frequent visits to the island of Onoyama, during his childhood, he had been captivated by the movement of the many pine trees growing there as they moved gracefully under the influence of the wind. As they swayed back and forth they seemed to emulate the waves of the ocean, so he chose this for his pen name, the name 松濤 (“Shoto”, literally ‘Pine Waves’). In regards, please note the extension of Shotokan kata in the likes of 浪手 (Roshu ‘Wave hands’), 青柳 (Seiryu ‘Blue willow’), 落葉 (Rakuyo ‘Falling leaves’) and others.


My seniors here in Japan, some who have passed and many who are now elderly have stressed that we (IKS) not only retain the old style of Shotokan as Budo/Bujutsu, but also embrace and preserve Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei’s karate in this process. In sum, to make a full unbroken circle back to Funakoshi Sensei’s “Shotokan” in both philosophy, technique and practical application.




Concluding my daily 'dojo review practice': October 21st, 2023.

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