Monday 2 October 2023

浪手 (Roushu) Video

 This video shows a form of 浪手 (Roushu) never taught openly before. This version is Asai Sensei's refined rendition. There are many different stances, stance transitions, movements, techniques and bujutsu applications. I was compelled to share this, so that it is not lost. It is the ultimate form of this kata.

This video while not exciting (it was my warm-up during my self-training today), is primarily for the participants of the seminar I taught last month (September 2023) in Sindelfingen, Germany. It is to remind them of the sequence and key points, which I will not be clear to those who did not attend.

Future seminars will feature kata I've never shared before from Asai Sensei; moreover, the bujutsu-karate applications that they encompass. IKS (International Karate Shotokan) is aiming to spread this karate legacy, domestically, here in Japan and via the continuation of seminars abroad internationally. Furthermore, this will done OPENLY WITH NO POLTICS! Only Budo/Bujutsu Shotokan training and respectful friendship!

WE ALL KNOW, this is the TRUE KARATE WAY!!!!

Okay, so on to some information about this version of ROSHU.
引いては寄せる浪の進退、旋回、起伏の動向を取り入れ、手腕の起伏(高低)捲き込み、転身等、攻防の技を修得する想意浪心術 - Words from my late karate teacher and former JKA Technical Director: Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei.
浪手 (Pronounced "Roushu")

Here I have translated his words about ROSHU (ROUSHU KATA); otherwise known as 浪の手 (Nami no te): “Incorporating the movement of the receding and receding waves, turning, and ups and downs, you can acquire offensive and defensive techniques such as rolling up and down (height and low) of your hands, turning, and so forth.”

© André Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2023).

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