Sunday 15 October 2023

日常空手道 (Video 4)

 Below is a direct link to the fourth video, Volume 4, of the 日常空手道 ("Everyday Karate") series, on my official YouTube channel.

It's more old footage which has some embedded tips for those who've I've taught in the dojo and at seminars: here in Japan and around the world. It also reflects how we must keep moving forward and improving as the years go by. In budo karate, competition is not KYOGI (Sports); rather, it is SHIAI... That is, to test oneself. Over the years I competed successfully in both kata and kumite, but most important in these experiences were the experiences themselves: both on the day and in the process. Many of my students, past and present, have (and continue to win) regional, national and international titles. However, and again, what matters most is consistent and high-quality training.

Here's an important point... In budo karate, when one's competition career concludes, one's 'Karate Journey' really begins. This runs parallel with achieving SHODAN, the first dan/level: literally in Japanese, the 'BEGINNERS LEVEL'.

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Osu and greetings from Kyushu.
André Bertel
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